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Amsterdam – 1 February 2022 – is proud to announce that it officially launched its business operations and now offer automated cybersecurity solutions to a wide variety of industries.

For months, Felix Nagy has been working in the background on developing the fully automated cybersecurity solutions that businesses require. Felix has built up a wealth of knowledge working within DevSecOps and became frustrated with the reactive and patch security updates of suppliers.

“Working in cybersecurity, mainly as DevSecOps contractor, it was really frustrating to see the lag in response from suppliers to vulnerabilities and how focused they ware to single patches,” says Felix. “I knew this could be done better. Companies shouldn’t have to rely on countless suppliers for their cybersecurity. Cybersecurity must be a holistic approach and be proactive.” is built on this basis, to be the holistic and proactive cybersecurity partner for businesses across the EU. Felix has developed fully automated solutions, for pen testing, anti-phishing and anti-malware and chaos engineering.

Felix has brought in Harold de Vries as Chief Marketing Officer and Co-founder. “Although I am an expert within DevSecOps, can only succeed with a strong Marketing and Commercial head in place,” according to Felix.

“It’s a great opportunity to join a start-up as CMO and Co-founder,” says Harold. “In 15 years, I have delivered exponential growth and unlocked new markets for world leading brands like Samsung, LG and Sabre. All these years of global experience come together in this opportunity. Felix and I share the same values and beliefs around the requirements for to succeed.”
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