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Push Button Pentesting

For small IT teams

Let us fully automate the discovery and exploitation of vulnerabilities so you don’t have to

Hackurity is that extra pair of hands for small IT teams contextualising risk within a single dashboard.

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push button pentesting
/ pʊʃˌbʌtᵊn / pʊʃ ˈbʌtᵊn /


the process of pushing a button to initiate a fully automated sequence of a penetration test
“The Head of IT had too many screens to manage so he implemented a push button pentesting solution”
a cyber security solution coined by in 2021 exclusively tailored to small IT teams

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Periodic penetration tests are snapshots.

Vulnerability scans are limited.

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A flow diagram explaning the functions of Atrax.

Hackurity's Atrax bridges the gap with a single automated, pentesting sequence.

Just add your domain or IP range and push the button.

Hackurity has exceeded both our expectations and the services of our current cybersecurity provider... by a lot.
David H., IT Specialist, EMCI TV
Hackurity helped us identify our vulnerabilities in a few hours and to fix them in a couple of days!
Nathanaël T., COO, EMCI TV
The results were immediate and provided several security improvements that were not identified through industry standard tools and methods.
Justin v. Heel, Head of Security, RNHB

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