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The 6 best cybersecurity podcasts
Podcasts are an excellent way to learn and stay up to date with cybersecurity and cyber threats. But with so many options to choose from....
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5 Cyber threats for e-commerce applications
With the convenience of online shopping, it's no wonder that cybercriminals are increasingly targeting e-commerce applications...
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What every CISO needs to know about attack surface management
One crucial aspect for CISOs is understanding and effectively managing the attack surface...
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5 reasons to think like a hacker
Thinking like a hacker is a crucial mindset for enhancing cybersecurity because it helps you identify vulnerabilities, anticipate potential threats, and...
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3 reasons for implementing continuous security testing
Continuous cybersecurity testing is crucial for maintaining the security of your digital assets and infrastructure. Your IT infrastructure is like a living organism, it evolves every day...
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Continuous Vulnerability Scanning vs. Bug Bounty Programs:
Although bug bounty programs can deliver good results and form part of your cybersecurity strategy, it also has multiple drawbacks. In this blog post, we'll delve into the nuances...
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