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Is penetration testing outdated?
The conventional method of penetration testing is under scrutiny: is it past its prime?
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False Negatives in Application Security Testing
Within cybersecurity, a false negative represents a critical concern. During penetration testing, the presence of false negatives...
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Importance of Reviewing Cybersecurity Vendors
Within cybersecurity, threats are ever-evolving and faster than ever. One crucial aspect often overlooked is the periodic review of cybersecurity vendors.
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Cybersecurity: to outsource or not?
At one side, the cybersecurity industry’s global talent shortage is ongoing making it hard for organisations to build or expand in house teams. On the other side...
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Why you should consider automated pentesting
Automated penetration testing utilises software and algorithms to eliminate manual processes that are used in traditional manual testing...
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Introducing Push Button Pentesting
Push Button Pentesting marks a significant evolution in penetration testing practice, offering a dynamic and efficient alternative blending of several critical components ...
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