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Personalised security solutions
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IT security is complex, multi-faceted and requires a pro-active holistic approach.

Compare IT security to the passenger safety for road cars. It’s not just an airbag or ABS that protects the passengers. The whole suite of dozens of safety measures within the car combined is what protects the passengers’ safety.

That is why hackurity.io have developed their unique, holistic IT security solutions. There will no longer be a need to spend tens of thousands of Euros or Dollars on multiple providers to solve the same trivial problems and IT Security teams. Many IT security providers provide reactive patchwork solutions.

At hackurity.io we believe that businesses must be protected against cyber-attacks with pro-active all-in-one IT security solutions.

Our unique automated solutions cover the three key areas of IT Security and work 24/7/365.

Pentesting is a critical step for every form of IT Security. The challenge currently for pentesting is the required manpower and time it takes to conduct full scale testing. Considering the manual input from the pentesters, this critical step can be prone to human errors. hackurity.io have developed a pentesting solution that utilises fully automated enumeration, penetration testing and CVE alerting we are here to help enterprises secure their cloud infrastructures. By automating a large part of the pentesting process, our solution finds vulnerabilities.
hackurity.io have developed an automated real-time solution to create an early warning system for our clients. Having insights in what phishing campaigns are planned around the world, provides unique opportunities to counter. Once our solution has detected a threat, Hackurity.io will work with your teams to prepare for and counter a phishing attack preventing penetration of your systems and data.
Anti-malware and chaos engineering
Our chaos engineering solutions are focused on making your systems more resilient and building auto-healing functions. This mitigates the impact and speeds up recovery.


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