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5 Ways to prevent social engineering attacks

Harold de Vries


Through social engineering attacks, cyber criminals focus and leverage the weakest link in your cyber security defence. An organisation’s own workforce is, unfortunately, one of the weakest links and is compromised using emotional manipulation and innovative tricks to make them divulge sensitive information.

As an organisation, you can invest significant amounts of money and expertise in security systems, but the human element remains a vulnerable point that threat actors will take advantage of. The best way you can prevent social engineering attacks is to take preemptive measures.

Security awareness

A healthy approach to cyber security relies on your staff, on human awareness. Social engineering tactics focus on manipulating behaviour. You can stay ahead by ensuring that all your staff understand social engineering and what tricks cyber criminals use.

Phishing simulations

Simulating phishing attacks can go a long way ensuring user safety through training your staff to detect phishing attempts or emails. Simulation software is usually cloud-based, allowing the sessions to be performed remotely by specialists. Simulations can be modified to meet the specific requirements of your organisation. Upon completing the simulation, detailed feedback with metrics aid in showing the success of the exercise and where you can improve.

Social media policy

Social media platforms are a great hunting ground of cyber criminals. They use spear-phishing emails to retrieve personal details of their victim. It’s a lengthy process, where the victim is groomed through smart intelligence gathering by the cyber criminals. To prevent this, your organisation’s security policy must have a robust approach to social media privacy and posting that all employees must adhere to.

SSL certificates

Verification of any site that asks for sensitive information is a must. The URLs offer an insight into the authenticity of websites. URLs starting with “https://“ are encrypted websites that can be trusted over websites starting with “http://“ as the latter do not offer secure connection.

Turn on your spam filter

Spam filters limit unsolicited inbound communication. They are a great way for you to reduce the window of opportunities for cyber criminals indulging in social engineering. The filtration can protect your inbox by segregating and barring the emails that are suspicious in nature. With the spam features, you will be able to categorise emails and detect the deceitful ones seamlessly.

How attack simulation tools can help

Our focus is prevention of system intrusions. Our full suite of cyber security solutions is designed to replicate the approach, including tactics and techniques that cyber criminals use. Our innovative and powerful HIO Engine solution is an all-in-one attack simulation tool. Although this solution starts as a combination of a vulnerability scanner and pentesting in one, it has more capabilities. The HIO Engine is designed to use every trick in the arsenal of real cyber criminals. This includes phishing and social engineering attacks, also including your supply chains. With our HIO Engine solution, you have a built-in phishing and social engineering simulation tool in your cyber security defence arsenal. With detailed reports during and after our attack simulations, you find out if and where there is room for improvement of your staff’s cyber security awareness.

In addition, we also offer a specific anti-phishing solution that goes far beyond the capabilities of the built-in tools in, for example Microsoft 365 or Google Suite. It works through two essential pillars. Firstly, we actively search the Dark web for potential malicious domains which can be linked to yours. Combining that with information of SSL authorities, we can find threats and phishing attacks before they start. Secondly, it focuses on social engineering emails and prevents it landing into your Exchange servers. We do this through scanning the meta data of emails to find and block emails from questionable email addresses.

Through this approach we believe we can prevent or block up to 95% of phishing attacks and emails on your business.

About is redefining cyber security through our innovative, automated and powerful cyber security and attack simulation tools. Taking a unique outside in approach, our solutions are designed to replicate real hacker attacks to find and fix vulnerabilities before hackers do. Focused on prevention, we reduce the chance of a successful cyber attack on any business by up to 95%

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