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Harold de Vries


Rotterdam, The Netherlands - 1 August 2023 - After months of hard work, significant investment of resources and dedicated feedback sessions with its clients, today marks the day that has launched its new portal.

The portal will play a pivotal role in supporting and driving the rapid growth of and its customer base. For customers the portal provides detailed realtime and historical insights in the security scans are conducting on their IT infrastructure. Results can be viewed in general, but also broken down in the different security scans and filtered by time to get historical data. The results include detailed information on each vulnerability that have been uncovered and whether or not if they’ve been fixed.

Customers are also able to download a wide range of standard and compliance reports. Whether it’s a high level management or detailed developer report that’s required, all of them are just one click away. Reports like ISO 27001 or OWASP top 10 are just examples of a wide range of compliance reports. “Our customers have indicated the need for specific compliance reports and insights for external audits and through developing these specific reports for them, we make preparing for external audits a lot easier and less time consuming,” according to Harold de Vries, CMO & Co-founder.

For prospective customers the portal provides the opportunity to run a security test as a free trial. Through the portal they’ll get to see a glimpse of the capability of the security scans and to fix the discovered vulnerabilities. If prospective customers are happy and impressed with the result, the portal offers them the opportunity to sign up for periodical or continuous security testing.

“Our portal is truly world class, like our security solutions,” says Felix Nagy, CEO & Co-founder of “We've invested significant resources into the development of the portal and worked closely with our customers to get their insights and feedback during the design phase. With the portal we provide historical and realtime insight in the results of our security scans with key actions to take by our customers to fix vulnerabilities we uncovered.”

Harold de Vries, adds, “As a scale up to provide the insights and reporting capability as we do is unmatched, and I am truly proud of the result of all the hard work invested in this project. The portal will also be pivotal for our growth, as it enables prospective customers to sign up for a free trial and ultimately for full security tests. Our existing customers have expressed great feedback along the way, which shows that we’re not just a security vendor, but rather a long term partner.”

To sign up for a personalised demo and free trial go to:

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